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Stock Loans


At Armour Capital Partners, our mission is crystal clear: to empower businesses and individual traders with accessible liquidity solutions for their shareholdings. We cater to both institutional investors and individuals, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background or investment size, has access to the financial support they need.


Specializing in Non-Recourse Stock Loans


We simplify securities lending by specializing in non-recourse stock loans. With us, unlocking liquidity is simple. By using your non-marginable securities as collateral, we provide fast and secure liquidity against the value of your stock. Our loans offer peace of mind, with no credit checks and no risk to your other assets. Once repaid, your securities are promptly returned to you.

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Navigating the OTC Market


The OTC stock market, or Over The Counter marketplace, is characterized by its trading method through a dealer network rather than a centralized exchange like larger markets. Despite its differences, the OTC marketplace sees significant activity, trading over $1 billion daily and hosting major players like Nestle and Bayer. We possess extensive expertise in the OTC/Pink marketplace, swiftly converting your OTC/Pink shares into capital.


Blue Chip Stocks

Let's delve into Blue Chip Stocks. These stocks typically originate from long-standing corporations with a track record of consistent and secure value. Referred to as large-cap stocks due to their high market capitalization, usually exceeding $1 billion, they include household names like Apple and Coca-Cola. Investors gravitate towards Blue Chip Stocks for their stability and reliability.


Cashing in on Blue Chip Stocks with Stock Loans

Our loans require no background or credit checks, and funds can be swiftly transferred to your preferred account. Since these loans are non-recourse, you can alleviate the stress associated with debt repayment. Upon loan term completion, you'll regain possession of all your shares, along with any accrued value during the loan period.


Let's Collaborate for Success

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